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We welcome you to our Deathloop guide, where we will talk about how to save your game.

What to know about Deathloop?

Although we are in a time loop that occurs every time Colt dies, it is important that we help ourselves by saving our game, so to have an idea of how to do it, it is ideal that we take into account the details that we can access then let's see.

How to save your game in Deathloop?

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    We will certainly have autosave, which allows us not to be dependent on manual saving, this autosave system will be activated every time we enter or leave a mission, equipment change very similar to many games today, highlighting that We should not exit or turn off the system while the icon that indicates saving is presented, because the data may be compromised and our progress as well.

    We have reached the end of our guide on How to save your game, we hope it has been useful for your fun and progress in Deathloop.

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