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In case you are wondering how to transfer items between districts in Deathloop, in this article you will find everything you need to know.

What is inter-district item transfer in Deathloop?

It is a delivery system that allows you to carry many items from one district to another and is a way to bring large items.

How to transfer items between districts in Deathloop?

You will be able to get delivery stations in each district, and to use these systems, you will have to get a code associated with them. It is hidden in the districts, when you memorize this code, you will keep it throughout the game.
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    When you get the codes, you will be able to transfer items by hand crank.

    You must be careful not to start the cycle again when you have transferred an item with the delivery system.

    Be sure to transfer items between districts on the same day, so as not to do it again.

    If you read this article, you already know how to transfer items between districts in Deathloop, so we hope you can transfer all the necessary items and progress to enjoy the advantages.

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