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Today we are going to talk to you about Deathloop where we will tell you how to stop the fire inside Otto's workshop.

What does it mean to stop the fire inside Otto's workshop at Deathloop?

In this game there are a number of activities to do and precisely knowing how to stop the fire inside Otto's workshop is one of them, only that to achieve it will be necessary to take charge of doing it at a certain time of the day, and it is only during the morning, with this we avoid that some plugs can cause the fire, in this sense, we must avoid doing it after noon, because in these hours we will see that everything will simply be destroyed.

How to stop the fire inside Otto's workshop in Deathloop?

It is necessary to take charge of getting to the building and entering inside where we will see a total of 5 red ropes that usually lead to the machine in the center, it is usually necessary to take care of destroying the five power sockets that usually connect the cables and are located in this mode:
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    • 2 cables are nearby, one inside the workshop next to the machine and the other are usually outside to the right, our job is to take care of destroying them.

    • 1 cable is usually found on the second floor of the bakery, it will only be enough to have us cross the street and destroy it.

    • 1 additional cable is usually located under the library, it will only be necessary to take care of following the red cable that directs us to the library and usually approaches the entrance directly, we will see that in this place there is a sensor and a turret whose objective is take care of protecting the entrance, in this sense, we must be smart and choose to hack them to access the basement, upon entering a golden sentinel enemy awaits us, we must take care of eliminating it and hacking the sensor on the left, take the blue current that is usually below and destroy him.

    • 1 cable is usually located outside Colt's apartment, in this place there are a couple of enemies that we must eliminate to destroy the exit, with these tasks we manage to prevent Otto's workshop from being on fire.

    Now that you know how to stop the fire inside Otto's workshop, it is ideal to embark on this activity and save this place from being destroyed in Deathloop.

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    14 September 2021
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