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With our Deathloop guide you will learn more about How to heal.

What to know about Deathloop?

We will go through many shootouts in this game, even though its major focus is on stealth as well, it is a very complete game that even melee we will face, in any situation that compromises us we must consider healing and to know how to heal do it let's see the content coming next.

How to heal in Deathloop?

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    To recover our health can be simple, we will have a couple of possibilities for this, being consuming cans of Fiz-Pop or through a health post, the first is found in all areas that correspond to the black reef, on tables, benches, workstations and other places where eternalists are present, now in the case of health posts we have to emphasize that there may be 4 to 5 in each area of black reef, just click on the box to be recharged as necessary, this has no limitations.

    Now that you know how to heal, just do it and keep progressing while having fun in Deathloop.

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    14 September 2021
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