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Deathloop is a very lively game, and today it leads us to discover how to complete all mini-games in The Moxie.

What to know about the mini-games in The Moxie in Deathloop?

It is a structure that has been created by Charlie, where we are going to face 3 floors of mini-games, which are we doing correctly we can access important rewards, now to know how to complete all mini-games in The Moxie it is ideal that we put our attention in this guide and its following content.

How to complete all mini-games in The Moxie in Deathloop?

We must consider a key aspect in terms of How to complete all mini-games in The Moxie, which is that we can do it only in the afternoon time slot in Updaam, because it will not be available in Deathloop if we try to access at another time.

  • Floor 1: here we have access to a couple of games, which are pressure plates and laser, in the first one we have it on the right, it is necessary that we touch the highlighted panels, we must achieve the double jump bauble, which allows the correct adjustment of our angle when being in the air and for lasers it is required to avoid being hit by blue lasers that will be in the left area of ​​the room.

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    • Floor 2: here we are on How to complete all mini-games in The Moxie a couple more, they turn out to be advanced versions of the games on floor 1, the result being that on the pressure plates we will now be going through the complete lane turning off before We change, we must be in the illuminated lane for a few seconds before the change, while the laser remains similar only to focus on sliding through the center while the bottom row is farther than the top one near us.

    • Floor 3: here will be the superior versions of both minigames in Deathloop, having that for the pressure plates those of the previous floors are mixed, noting that now there will be some blocks moving in stacks and then there are pillars that will be changing in the sections, which happens from left to right, at the end we have some panels that will move, it is necessary to calculate the time of our jumps to be able to reach the other side, now in the case of the laser game, we have to move up and down, being 3 forwards and backwards, after the rear end we find a set of lasers that will also move in wave form, there is an upper laser that will be seen moving from one side to the other throughout the area, we must crouch at that moment while the lasers are down, now we're going through the middle and crouching past the last batch of them, waiting for the top and bottom ones to move to the middle to jump between them.

    We can conclude that knowing how to complete all mini-games in The Moxie is easier than thought with these details presented, it only remains to apply them and progress in Deathloop.

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    Arkane Studios
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    14 September 2021
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