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Find out how to kill Harriet in this excellent and explanatory Deathloop guide.

What to know about Deathloop?

As we go through Blackreef we will have to eliminate the visionaries, where through these we can get the slab ability and improvements, this time after passing the tutorial we must focus on How to kill Harriet and the content of this guide will be the precise details for it, let's see them below.

How to kill Harriet in Deathloop?

Of the visionaries we have that our first one we face is Harriet, after we may have to eliminate the existing 8 in total, we are going to find this in Karls Bay, being now in the tunnels we have to go to the right jumping on top of the clutter and the wall towards the cliffs along the coast.

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    We are going to face a couple of eternalists, and then we will go to the metal bridge, we will go to the right to jump the cliff to the shore, passing in stealth between several eternalists covering ourselves with the help of the containers, you have to get to the first hangar by In the middle of an underground ventilation shaft, we can even go around them to follow the corridor that will place us in the second hangar in terms of How to kill Harriet in Deathloop.

    When looking to get to the second hangar we have other options such as an underground route that allows us, using a trinket, to breathe toxic gases to go through a ventilation shaft avoiding damage, when entering this place we have to stick to the right to pass through the eternalistas in the middle of Harriet's ritual and under the door that is half open, here we will use the double jump to get to the office, first we finish with the eternalistas, and then we will exit through the door at the back of the room, achieving that at the end of his speech kill her without being discovered, taking into account that the eternalists will be alert to our presence.

    In conclusion knowing How to kill Harriet is excellent, because we can develop and have more fun in Deathloop.

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