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With our guide you will learn more about how to fix CSGO not using GPU or CPU.

What to know about CSGO does not use GPU or CPU?

 It is a problem that occurs after having recently updated the game, being on a PC with Windows such a situation occurs, even if we have a powerful PC, it means that the graphics or the CPU do not use, sometimes it can be a 100 percent complete pattern that conflicts with game and system performance, making a major inconvenience on the PC due to misconfigurations or the PC is crashing, looking to be aware of How to fix CSGO not using GPU or CPU is We need to see what this guide brings us next.

How to fix CSGO not using GPU or CPU?

 Depending on the PC it is that we will see these problems, which becomes complex to determine a precise solution by the developers, while we can consider some possible solutions regarding How to fix CSGO does not use GPU or CPU and these are the following:
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    • Use of dedicated graphics card: this option is important for the execution of the game, which allows avoiding stutters, delays and FPS quality, now you have to configure this, in the case of Nvidia we have to use the graphics of this card, press click right on the blank desktop screen, to enter the Nvidia control panel, going through 3D settings we will choose to manage 3D settings, we will choose the program settings and enter the game, it is necessary with this the choice of the high Nvidia processor performance, we save the changes and restart the PC, in the case of AMD we have to right-click on the blank screen of the desktop, we have to choose AMD Radeon configuration in the menu, we go to system where the interchangeable graphics will be, we will save the changes and restart for them to apply.
    • Update the GPU drivers: by pressing Windows X we enter the quick link menu, here we will choose device manager, then we will double-click on the display adapters, on the dedicated graphics card that we use we will right-click to enter the option to update the driver, which leads us to the automatic search for these, if there is any version available, it will be downloaded and installed automatically, now we restart for the changes to take effect.
    • Close the tasks that are running in the background: pressing the Ctrl Shift Esc we will be with the task manager, in the process option we enter to choose the tasks that are running in the background, these consume a lot of resources, we must finish them one by one , with this we go to the system restart.
    • Change power plan: we use Windows R to access the run dialog box, here we will write control panel and accept to open it, we have to find the power, power and battery options, going through better performance we will restart so that the changes apply.
    • Adjust the graphics settings: as for How to fix CSGO does not use GPU or CPU, this option will take us to the Steam client to choose the game in the library, going through its settings icon, we enter settings, we have to disable VSync, then we configure for each low and medium advanced option, placing in addition to this the FOV and PhsyX options in low.
    • Verify the game files: we will go to the client on the PC to log in, we go through the library where we right-click on the game, in the properties there will be the option of local files, in this in turn the one to verify the integrity is presented of the game files, we wait for a process and close the client, restart the PC for these changes to apply.
    • Update the game: once again we will go to the Steam library to give the game, with this the client will automatically search for any available update, if there is one, we enter the update option, wait a while until it is completed, we close the client, and we will restart the PC so that the changes are applied, and we can start the game.
    • Deactivate Shader Cache for the game: on the blank screen of the desktop we will press right click, going through the Nvidia control panel we have the 3D configuration, here will be the option to manage 3D configuration, we will go to the program configuration, and we will choose the game , it is important that the Shader Cache is turned off, and we will save the changes.
    • Reinstallation of the game: we will go to the client to enter the library, we press on the game with right click, our choice is to uninstall, we must confirm by clicking delete, we wait for this process, and we will exit the Steam client, the next thing is to go through the application of file explorer to copy and paste C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommon in the address bar and press enter, we have to go to the game folder to delete it in its entirety, we restart the PC for the changes to take effect, now we will re-install the game through the Steam Store.


     In this way we finalize our guide, now you know. How to fix CSGO not using GPU or CPU, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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