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As we get into the games we get interesting tasks, let's see How to make Charcoal in Coral Island.

What is carbon in Coral Island?

This is a necessary resource to use in this game, and it is that with this we can manufacture some particular elements in the game, this is part of the resources that are available in this simulation game and where we can do activities very similar to those that happen in real life, we just have to keep in mind that it is important to use resources properly, this allows this to be an interesting journey and that we can progress without any difficulty.

How to make charcoal in Coral Island?

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This resource requires having:

Wood: This can be harvested from trees, however, Kiln is a resource kit that can be unlocked as you progress and can be crafted with 25 stones and 20 bronze ores.

Furnace: this is nothing more than a machine that usually allows us to obtain charcoal from the wood that we have obtained, it is also usually used to make glass from sand and scrap.

Having the necessary resources allows us to make coal and place it near our house.

Making the oven is a possibility, only in this case it seems to be more tedious, this is because we must have stones and bronze ores that usually make things more complex, this implies having to enter a land mine, do the oven and install it near our house, then we will put wood inside it and wait a few seconds to get the coal.

Now that you know how to make charcoal in Coral Island, you can embark on this interesting task and take advantage of this resource, give it a try.

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