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With our Chivalry 2 guide you will learn more about How to set up.

Why set to Chivalry 2?

It is something necessary due to the problems that arise with low frame rates or packet loss, which prevents the game from working optimally, but for this there are some considerations to follow, so it is ideal to understand How to configure and is what will be explained to us in this guide below, let's see.

How to configure in Chivalry 2?

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    Motivated to use a balancing system in the game, it is possible that we go through the loss of packets to latency, which will cause our opponent to hit us not to swing or that we see people on the map glitching, it is ideal keep in mind that the execution of this game is in 2 CPU cores, which indicates that it will be doing it in only one instead of maintaining a balance between both cores, so if we are in an older CPU with fewer cores it will cause the operation is at low speed.

    So for us to have a fluent game it is necessary that the ping / latency is less than 100, something that by holding down the tab we can check, that the packet loss is less than 3, with the escape we can check it in the list of players and if these numbers are above what is acceptable, we can make some adjustments to optimize the game for a better experience.

    It is necessary that our internet connection be verified, which is important to use the cable and not the Wi-Fi, which will prevent packet loss from occurring and the game server filter we have to configure it to indicate the servers that They are.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to configure it has been useful to improve your gaming experience in Chivalry 2 2.

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