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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-01 17:40:42

More about: Capitán Tsubasa Rise of New Champions

In order to explain how to dribble we have prepared for you this special Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions guide.

Why dribble in Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions?

  The movements that we find in this game are varied and very striking, among them we have the passes that turn out to be one of the best options to have control of the ball before our opponent, only that in most cases we will find opposition and therefore It is ideal that we know how to dribble, we will have everything we need in the content that is going to be presented next in this guide, let's see very carefully.
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How to dribble in Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions?

 Press the R1 on the PS4 or the R on the Switch we will be able to run and thus escape the defender who is approaching our position, keeping this button pressed according to our console we will be able to run to the maximum, we can do it to get closer to the goal Now if we find before the possibility that our spirit is highlighted, it is possible to dribble and thus be able to escape, with the R2 on the PS4 or the ZR on the Swicth we can use this movement, we must consider the fact that most of the players only have a basic normal movement, in which they pass to the side of the defender running, while other players with a higher level of play come to look more skilled at this moment, able to turn the defender or make turns, In short, the important thing is to be able to leave the defender behind and reach the goal.

 In this way we have reached the end of this Captain Tsubasa Rise of New Champions guide, resulting in the knowledge of how to dribble, it is expected that this will help in having a better performance and fun.

PlayStation 4 ps4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows pc
Action, sports
Bandai Namco Entertainment
Release date:
August 28, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
age rating (PEGI):

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