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2020-12-13 10:05:17

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Our guide today on Call of the Sea lets us tell you how to solve the tidal organ puzzle

What does Call of the Sea bring us?

This is a video game that keeps us busy solving some number of tasks, in such a way that knowing How to solve the tidal organ puzzle, because it is long enough in this world set in the 30s and that leads us to embark on a Mysterious expedition to complete a black seepage frequency test because at the end of all our greatest objective to achieve is the possibility of enjoying a puzzle adventure.
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How to solve the tidal organ puzzle in Call of the Sea?

Our work leads us to turn on the lights in the camp to proceed to the shipwreck of Lady Shannon because while we are going up the stairs it is pertinent to observe a tidal organ that is located on the left side, it is necessary to take care of crossing the passage to see it in more detail in Call of the Sea, to proceed to interact with a stone table that is nearby and in this way turn around since this opens the way to visualize at least 7 tubes since these have black ooze inside the tubes. Themselves, at this point it is necessary to choose to take note of the symbols that each tube contains since this leads us into our objective about How to solve the puzzle of the tidal organ to proceed to read the note found in the table where we explain how to open and close these tubes.

Once with the information collected we proceed to go down the stairs, since our objective is to go down to where the alley that has no exit is located, but it is ideal to get here because there is a marker of the sea level indicator, so it is important to have the opportunity to draw him and from this point return again to the camp with the information collected, upon arrival, it is only necessary to enter the tent on our right, because it is here where we are presented with the possibility of viewing a slide projector with The object of observing a sea-level indicator at the same time as the symbol that we have managed to draw in our Call of the Sea diary so that it is only enough to turn around to take a look at the keyboard and the table that is usually located nearby.

Knowing how to solve the tidal organ puzzle leads us to choose to play the note with some considerable amount of symbols similar to those that we can visualize on the slide, since it is ideal to remember them as well as those in the table, since these usually correspond to a specific key of the instrument, so that with this it is usually necessary to press those keys to get three digits and from there go to the organ tablet, since it is necessary to deal with opening and closing some tubes, since This causes it to activate so that the black ooze frequency test is completed, only it is not the only one, since it is actually 3.

The frequencies are:

  •  262
  • 349
  • 415

It is worth mentioning that it is vital to open the diary to visualize the symbols and that these usually coincide with the keyboard that we have written, since it is here where it is necessary to emphasize the diamond symbol that is only on the white key that It is on the left side, after this it is important to observe the fourth diamond that is only in the white key on the left in addition to the symbol divided from top to bottom in the second black key since there is a trio in the middle, this allows us to take a look at the next page since it is important to check the indicator that usually changes the symbols of, the row above for others that are usually located below the arrow and thus have the option of getting the solitary diamond in addition to two diamond symbols since this leads us to locate organ pipes to open their respective valves.

Our next work leads us to close the valves of the other tubes which are usually located in this way:

  •  A valve in the pipes on the right wall of the passage is usually ideal to reach the organ since it will only be enough to go through it.
  • Two valves are located on each side of the pit.
  • One valve every two stairs on the side of the stone slat.


 It is worth mentioning that the stone tablet must have this sequence of tubes:

  •  First.
  • Second.
  • Fifth.


 This game allows us to know how to solve the tidal organ puzzle, so it is important to take care of checking and closing the valves of the tubes that usually have black ooze flowing through them, even those that are blocked, to finish it is pertinent to return to the pit to close it, which makes us choose to turn the sphere twice, to continue it is important to press the button on the stone tablet since this usually activates the organ allowing us to achieve an achievement that It is called Mariana Serenade and in this way ends our puzzle in Call of the Sea in addition to ending chapter 3.

 Definitely, knowing how to solve the tidal organ puzzle allows us to carry out a long activity in Call of the Sea and in the same way continue working, since now there is a lot to do.