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Angel Marquez
2020-12-13 16:50:15

Delve into the universe of Call of the Sea as today we are going to tell you how to solve the black ooze frequency test puzzle.

What to know about the Call of the Sea black exudate frequency test?

It is one of the puzzles that has to be solved in the game, we find it in chapter 3 through the shipwreck of the Lady Shannon, where a series of steps is required to complete it, now if it becomes complicated we can rely on this guide and the answers as to how to solve the black ooze frequency test puzzle, so let's look at the details very carefully.

How to solve the black ooze frequency test puzzle in Call of the Sea?


Our first objective is to turn on the power, so near the shipwreck there is a camp, in which due to a power problem there are no lights on, so we must guide ourselves by the power cable to reach the hole inside the helmet and climb some stairs that are behind, we continue and turn left twice to get to the power generator, we have 4 levers, with which you have to turn the third, fourth, second and first, in that order so that the generator works and the lights come on, only there are some levers of the additional power generators that we must press, one is next to the generator, the second on the wall of the location of the walkway that has 3 branches, the third next to the hole in the case and the fourth in the camp, we must then focus on it, then we will find ourselves in a dead end that leads us to the main office, noticing a distress signal by the radio, it is about the black exudate frequency test that is on the table to the right, we look for the note where we can see How to solve the black ooze frequency test puzzle so that the machine can be turned on and be able to levitate .

While it is levitating we have to align the black ooze stones so that they are level with each other, having a stone located correctly we will know it by a green LED light that is underneath, but each of the stones has a different frequency, dictated by 3 dials that can be rotated, the left dial controls stone 1 and stone 2 so that they go up with different speeds, the middle dial has its control is on stone 2 and stone 3, while the right dial allows the stone 1 and 3 go up and down, to be able to align the stones you have to go through many turns of the dial, what we must do is turn the dials to the top frequencies so that these stones reach the highest, when we see that the 3 LEDs are on, we have to receive coordinates from the machine, which are random in Call of the Sea, these will help us to complete a next puzzle so they should be considered later.

In this way we finalize our Call of the Sea guide, now you know how to solve the black ooze frequency test puzzle, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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