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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-08-12 16:15:38

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If you need to know how to unlock the Enigma blueprint in Call of Duty Warzone, then pay attention to this article, because it has everything about it.

What is the Enigma blueprint in Call of Duty Warzone.

This is the blueprint for the "Enigma" assault rifle and has been added as the stadium Easter egg reward. That is why we will help you and tell you how to unlock the Enigma blueprint.

How to unlock the Enigma blueprint in Call of Duty Warzone.

The first thing you have to do is collect a code to access the meeting room of the stadium, you can access this code once you have collected the three cards hidden around the stadium. These cards do not always appear in the same place, but you can find one on each floor, in the parking lot, lower level, second floor, vertívulo and on the third level.

On how to find these cards, you can review our previous guides, in which we have already addressed this very topic. They emit a blue glow that allows them to be detected quickly.
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How to unlock the Enigma blueprint in Call of Duty Warzone - Key Cards.

The first card is behind the locked room door in the corner of the stadium parking lot, said card is P2-16 and it is in the computer, so interact with it to get a code.

The CL-19 card will open the door in the corner of the bar.

Access the last door with the EL-21 card on the executive floor and then interact with the computers in each room to obtain the code.

Write down the information that computers give you, keep in mind that computers teach a sample of the final code, but with a combination of symbols and numbers.

The final code is numeric, so you will have to figure out what the symbols are. If you receive a nose shape in the first code, but the nose shape is replaced with a number two in the second code, you will know that the nose shapes are two.

After assembling the code, you will have to go to the meeting room on the executive floor and enter the code on the keyboard to access the room.

When you enter the meeting room you will see the blueprint on the table, so just pick it up.

Completing the easter egg is much easier if done with friends or in respawn modes like Plunder.

 This was our article on how to unlock the Enigma blueprint in Call of Duty Warzone, we hope it has been as useful as possible and you managed to unlock this weapon blueprint smoothly and as quickly as possible.

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