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Call of Duty Warzone: All Easter Eggs

2020-03-17 13:38:59

Today we made for you a Call of Duty Warzone guide where we explain the complete list of All Easter eggs.

What can we say about Call of Duty Warzone?

This is a continuation of the Call of Duty saga where we are allowed the possibility of enjoying action and combat even more, but that is not all because another series of interesting elements have been incorporated such as a fairly large map where we It offers the possibility of obtaining 150 players, whose job it is to scratch the surface of secrets of Verdansk, for which it is necessary to return starting from the list of All Easter Eggs, because with it we will be able to achieve advances while we fight.

What are all the easter eggs in Call of Duty Warzone?

Next we are going to leave you a list, because the objective of it involves All the easter eggs that we can get while we move through Call of Duty Warzone, since there is the possibility of spending a good time due to the extensive map.

The closed bunkers:

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    Closed bunkers are the first option we find to locate Easter eggs, as we must move to the basement of the bunker, where we will see a keyboard to which we will enter a code that is required, as this is located exactly east of the stadium from Verdansk, there could be possibly more, only as we publish this content we simply don't have any other information.

    All easter eggs from computers and phones.

    Not only are we presented with the possibility of interacting with the keyboards of the bunkers, we also have access to telephones and computers in Call of Duty Warzone, only they present us with an option that is not very clear to some, as we are presented with the possibility of decrypt the password, what happens is that it is likely to be very soon, possibly with the passage of time when more players can be discovered.

    Access to Gulag at any time.

    Gulag is not a very attractive option for most players, since they are usually associated with deaths, without exploring it thoroughly, since living players can access it at any time that we consider necessary, since we will only have to go to the Waste water pipe that can be easily seen from the Verdansk prison, because they go out, we climbed there to finally access the 1v1 fighting club where we will achieve part of our objective.

    How to get All Easter Eggs on Call of Duty Warzone maps?

    Burger Town map.

    Knowing how to get all the Easter eggs leads us to move around the maps, since there we are presented with interesting options, since it is precisely the classic Burger Town one of them, and we have observed it the first time in Modern Warfare 3, the good thing is that it has continued to appear more often, so we could be familiar, here we are allowed to reflect the classic arrangement of the hamburgers that are found throughout Verdansk where obviously we will get the said eggs.

    Easter egg emission map

    We first saw this Emission map in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, and the interesting thing is that for Warzone it does not present any design modification, only that it has been allowed to become a well-known launch in relation to the mode. battle royale, because obviously it allows us to get the possibility of some easter eggs from these sides that allow us to generate an interesting utility in Call of Duty Warzone.

    Killhouse map.

    This is another one of the maps shown in Call of Duty 4, since this map reflects a training ground so venturing through it might not be exactly the most ideal in terms of actual tactical battles, but it requires power Do it at least once, since it is essential to get all the Easter eggs even if it involves a risk.

    Terminal map.

    This final map we could see firstly in Modern Warfare 2, this one inspired by the Terminal, because it brings with it similarity, nature, clarity and theme that for many could be recreated in a sufficiently complete way that leads us to get the eggs, since these are hidden secrets, only that there is still content to mention because there is still a lot to explore.

    Finally knowing the list of All Easter Eggs is simply interesting, since Call of Duty Warzone allows us to explore and get more elements that allow us to make this an interesting game where the action is more alive than ever.

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