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Lidia Rozo
2022-05-12 15:32:31

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Call of Duty Mobile continues to offer us weapons and for this reason we will tell you which is the best SMG for season 4.

Why talk about the best SMGs for season 4 in Call of Duty Mobile?

 Because this season has just started and it has a number of really interesting weapons, in this sense we must know The Best SMGs for Season 4, this taking into account that SMGs are precisely a type of semi-automatic hybrid of high mobility of machine guns and pistols that They are usually light.

SMGs are weapons that we can use and that are usually accessible in Call of Duty Mobile, even though these weapons are not usually effective at long range, they have high rates of fire and we are allowed to equip them with some improvements that make them truly interesting, it is possible to count with some of these modified weapons where it is possible to incorporate balances to make them even more attractive than or that they can be.

Here is the list of SMG tiers that are available in this Call of Duty Mobile Season 4:

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In the case of the S level.

  •  PPSh-41.
  • QQ9.
  • CBR4.
  • PP19 Bizon.
  • QXR.


 In the case of level A.

  •  RUS-79U.
  • Fennec.
  • MX9.


 In the case of level B.

  •  AGR 556.
  • HG40.


 In the case of level C.

  •  Razor back.
  • Cordite.


 In the case of level D.

  •  PDW-57.
  • Chicom.
  • MSMC.


 What is the best SMGs for season 4 in Call of Duty Mobile?

  •  PP19 Bizon: this is an S level SMG and it is not a novelty, this is because in season 3 it was seen and we were able to use it, it is possible to apply equipment, we can incorporate some accessories to get even more mobility and agility, res without hands down the most reliable SMG.
  • QXR: We continue the list to know what is The Best SMGs for Season 4 and we find an SMG of level S, this is a weapon that is usually used for different areas of combat as we progress in Call of Duty Mobile
  • MSMC – This is another favorable SMG that has a recent balance update, it's a Tier D weapon, it has high rate of fire and accuracy, it's a favorable weapon for close range kills and is usually fully automatic, it's a good resource for experienced players to use.
  • QQ9: This SMG usually favors us in the case of a close or medium range, it is an S level weapon in Call of Duty Mobile, it has fire speed and high damage, it is also a fully automatic weapon.

This is everything you need to know about the best SMGs for Season 4, so it will only be enough to use the ones that we consider most favorable in Call of Duty Mobile.

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