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2021-03-23 00:05:34

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Continuing with Bravely Default 2, today we will tell you how to get the Wildwood bow, so pay attention.

What is the Bravely Default 2 Wildwood Bow?

This is the Ranger work weapon, which will allow you to use all the passive skills of the rangers without having to equip them manually and taking into account that you do not necessarily have to be a ranger to access and use it, we will tell you how to obtain the Wildwood Arch.

How to get the Wildwood bow in Bravely Default 2?

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You will be able to access this weapon in the halls of the Tribulation VII judgment in chapter 6, after finishing with Lily (Ranger) and Roddy (red wizard), Selene (white wizard) and DAG (Vanguard), who will support each other, and they could use all their abilities.

In this sense, we recommend that you position yourself at level 70 as a minimum and have most of the jobs leveled at 8 or more

That's all you have to know about how to get the Wildwood bow in Bravely Default 2, we hope it was as useful as possible, and you manage to get hold of this weapon quickly. Remember that we have already talked about other weapons in the game in recent articles, which we recommend you review.

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