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The searches continue in Bravely Default 2 and for that reason we will tell you how to get the Portcullis hammer.

What is the Portcullis hammer in Bravely Default 2?

  This is simply an interesting and favorable weapon with which we get ourselves in this game, and that offers us advantages when using it because it is possible to break new forms, in this sense knowing how to get the Portcullis hammer simply leads us to have to make a good effort amount because this is a fight that we will have with bosses and therefore these will not be very easy to defeat.
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How to get the Portcullis hammer in Bravely Default 2?

Before making this fight we must take into account:


  •  Reach Chapter 6.
  • Have level 70 or above.
  • Have most jobs at level 8 or above.
  • Participate in the Hall of Tribulation III.


 In this sense and with these requirements in our favor, we are allowed to hold a fight with the bosses, because as you will understand, they are strong which implies a considerable effort, in addition they will activate and help each other with passive skills, what the situation does. something more complex but not impossible.


 The bosses that we will face for this hammer are:

  •  Glenn the Ointment Maker.
  • Galahad the Shield Master.
  • Gladys the Sword Master.


 Now that we know the details necessary to defeat them and we get the weapon, it is good to know:


  •  This hammer is the working weapon of the Master of the Shield, however to use it we do not necessarily have to be.
  • As well as other weapons obtained in this game, this hammer allows us to break new forms for real.
  • This hammer usually falls only at the end of the battle and is considered a normal drop.
  • It does not matter the work we are doing because the hammer is equated with the passive skills of the Shield Master to our character, by having the passive ability of Rare Talent Player we can deactivate to improve the probability of the hammer with the giant orbs of JP.

 Definitely, knowing how to get the Portcullis hammer allows us to engage in an interesting search through Bravely Default 2.

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