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For those wondering how to get the Maidenhair Staff in Bravely Default 2, our next article has you covered.

What is Maidenhair Staff in Bravely Default 2?

Corresponds to the white magician's working weapon. This staff of maiden hair will allow you to use all the passive abilities of the white wizard without equipping them manually and without having to be a white wizard. So it is certainly worth knowing how to get the maidenhair staff.

How to get the Maidenhair staff in Bravely Default 2?

You can get this weapon in the Halls of Tribulation VII test, in which you will have to defeat Selene, Dag, Lily and Roddy.
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Again the best strategy is to position yourself at level 70 as a minimum and have most of the jobs leveled at 8 to increase your chances of being victorious.

You will be able to access the Hall of Tribulation VII by entering Chapter 6 at the end of the battle in a normal drop, but we recommend deactivating JP's giant orbs to increase your chances of obtaining it.

Thus ends this guide on how to get the maidenhair staff in Bravely Default 2, we hope it has been very useful, and you can get hold of this and other weapons quickly.

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