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We continue working on Bravely Default 2 and this allows us to tell you how to get the far vision arc.

What is the far vision arc in Bravely Default 2?

This is another weapon that we have in this game and from which it is possible to take advantage of it, although it is true it may involve us making a little effort, it can be said that it is worth it, in this sense, knowing how to obtain the distant vision arc allows us to count with the possibility of making use of the passive abilities of the oracle without having to see the need to equip them manually.

How to get the far vision arc in Bravely Default 2?

This is a weapon that we get after fighting a fight against some bosses, the detail is that to get there it is necessary:
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  • Get to chapter 6.
  • Have a level of 70 or above.
  • Have most jobs graded at 8 or above.

Now, this process of obtaining this bow leads us to make a formidable effort, and for this it is necessary to access the room of Tribulation V, fight in order to crush for a long time and thus reach the plateaus, Well, when we fight and win we get that each boss can give us access to their respective skills.

The bosses we will face are:

  • Helio the Spirit Master.
  • Domenic the Oracle.
  • Martha the Dragon.

Here are some details related to the arc of vision in Bravely Default 2:

  • This bow is a weapon of the Oracle, but we do not necessarily have to be in order to use it.
  • Any character with this oracle equipped will be able to use oracle passive abilities.
  • This arc is achieved when we are near the end of the fight which implies a normal fall.
  • It does not matter what work we are doing because this weapon equates the passive skills of the oracle, and we can take advantage of it.

In this sense, knowing how to get the far vision bow allows us to get another interesting and favorable weapon to use in Bravely Default 2.

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