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Bravely Default 2 brings new and interesting weapons, let's see how to get the executioner's dlade.

What is the executioner's blade in Bravely Default 2?

As we get into this game we get more and more things to do, in the same way more elements that are vital to progress, in this sense, knowing how to obtain the executioner's blade allows us to tell you that this is a master's work weapon of swords, we must strive to get it and choose to equip it, as it is an interesting weapon that allows us to have the possibility of breaking new things.

How to get the executioner's blade in Bravely Default 2?

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Before entering this search we must take into account:

  • Reach Chapter 6.
  • Have a level of 70 or above.
  • Have most jobs at level 8 or above.
  • Participate in the Tribulation Room III.

Now, this fight is quite complex, because we face bosses, and therefore it is difficult, it really represents a challenge to overcome, but thanks to the requirements mentioned above this can make it a favorable fight and allow us to reach the plateaus.

The bosses we face here are:

  • Glenn the Ointment Maker.
  • Galahad the Shield Master.
  • Gladys the Sword Master.

Now, it is good to keep in mind that:

  • This executioner blade is an object of the Master of Swords, however to use it we do not necessarily have to be.
  • This sword like other weapons will only fall when this fight ends.
  • This is a complex enough fight because the bosses will use and activate their passive abilities against each other to attack us.
  • Each character that has this weapon equipped will automatically have access to the passive abilities of the weapon.
  • This is a favorable weapon that helps us break new things which makes it somewhat similar to the other weapons that we can get from bosses.

In general terms, knowing how to obtain the executioner's blade offers us the chance of having a weapon with which it is possible to fight in Bravely Default 2, try it.

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