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Discover How to beat Vigintio to advance in Bravely Default 2.

Who is Vigintion in Bravely Default 2?

He is the owner of the Arcanist job, this use of arcane spells to resemble creatures, in short, he is someone who has great power of sorcery and that we must face, so it can be very helpful to know how to beat Vigintio, you just have to see the content and its details that are presented in this guide, let's see.
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How to beat Vigintion in Bravely Default 2?

This confrontation will take us through three stages, where the change of these occurs by lowering his health to a certain point in a normal situation, but with Vigintion we have to completely lower his health, we will then see that when defeating him on the first occasion, a prologue will be presented where this demonstrates his immortal power, thus returning to life with half his health, then to achieve How to beat Vigintio will go through the fact of making his health reach zero again, then you have to do it three times to beat him in Bravely Default 2, the spells that it is capable of using can kill a member of our team in the blink of an eye, it is important that our magical defense has optimal power to face it.

Through its counters it will try to accumulate BP, something that we must avoid, it happens every time we attack it with magic when countering, thus gaining a BP, which allows us to become a team wipe with the use of spells in a row, for each physical attack We will also be exposed by his kite counterattack, what we must take into account then are the fixed damage commands such as Beastmaster and Gambler, to avoid being countered you have to go with the option of Flash the Cash and Off the Chains with Skeletal Sellswords, these We must have jobs at a considerable increased level or with the capture of enough beasts, we must resist the attacks of their spells and counters, which cannot be avoided, the use of the passive ability of the ranger against spell will be very useful for look for How to beat Vigintio, taking into account that this boss will become more aggressive in each return, you always have to have a healer and for this fight to be something vital, the weaknesses that it presents in Bravely Default 2 2 are the magic of light, spears and daggers, so we must exploit them to overcome it.

With what is indicated, how to beat Vigintio can be solved and when we achieve it we have the work of arcanist within our reach, with which we access non-elemental and dark element magic, this can help us in other confrontations and is opportune to face Londsdale and Marla at Bravely Default 2.

 Finally, now that we know how to beat Vigintio we can move on to Bravely Default 2.

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