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This time we bring you a Bravely Default 2 guide, aiming to explain how to beat Lonsdale.

Who is Lonsdale in Bravely Default 2?

  It is one of the bosses that we meet when progressing in the game, it is a general of the Holograd army, this is in Halcyonia, known for being an honorable man, who is forced to face us, it should be noted how complex this fight can be, so having an idea of how to beat Lonsdale will be very timely, for this we have this guide and its explanatory content, let's see.
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How to beat Lonsdale in Bravely Default 2?

 We are facing a bastion, they have immovable strengths, capable of returning blows with great force, something similar to the combination of the Shiledmaster and the Vanguard with spears, by not having a striker in our team we will go through many inconveniences, each Once we use the Default command we have that Lonsdale is going to fight us back, something that allows him to gain BP and is not the idea, at first glance we can think that his attacks are simple, but they really are of great impact, physical attacks do. fight back too.

 There are important aspects regarding how to beat Lonsdale, one of them is a healer, something necessary for the counters of this opponent, we must take into account their vulnerability to daggers, the thief's divine speed blow being ideal in each opportunity, managing to cause significant damage, it is appropriate that we have vanguards or Berserkers for the use of Neo Cross Slass or Amped Strike, when his Rampart ability is launched by Lonsdale, it is necessary that we hit him with a simple attack, which will achieve the cancellation of its immunity to physical attacks, magicians will certainly be ruled out because it does not have element weaknesses, if this combat in Bravely Default 2 turns out to be easier than you think, we just have to keep our health at the top and not use attacks at the moment in which he uses Rampart, with some patience we will make his life points drop, once we defeat him we will win the Bastion job.

 Now that you know how to beat Lonsdale just do it and continue your progress in this interesting and moving Bravely Default 2.

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