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BioShock 2: How Long Takes to Beat - Tips and tricks

2020-02-11 07:38:04

In this new opportunity we return with a BioShock 2 guide with the intention that we know how long it takes to finish it.

  In different lists of the year 2000 we will find BioShock, in 2007 it was its original publication by 2K Games, with the launch of BioShock 2 it was seen with one of the best-selling franchises in all times, adding to BioShock 2finfinito and that of today that is in development, certainly when we realize the original, we will realize that we are not talking about a simple shooter game, but with part 2, about this we want to know how long it takes to finish it and therefore the content of this guide to find those answers, we will see them below.

What is BioShock 2 about?

In this game the events occur in 1960, which is set in an underwater fiction city of Rapture, after a plane crashes into the sea, a man named Jack is in the direction of Rapture, this character being the one who we will control, we will advance the story while we have different supernatural powers in the form of plasmid DNA, depending on our path towards the end or we want 100% of the game, we will have to complete many contents to achieve it, the following details will have to do with how much time Take it to finish, so let's pay close attention.

How long does it take to finish it at BioShock 2?

The main story

During the plot that we have in this game, we will see its base in Rapture's past, being an apocalyptic nightmare, we will go throughout the journey and stages looking for the survival of our main character, taking us to find the end we want, being happy or dark As for the story, which also, we will last about 12 hours to complete, depending on the difficulty the time will have to vary, as we take the game we may have a higher or lower time.

The Extras

When we explore further in the game, we will have the opportunity to obtain important improvements that facilitate our performance, which includes the passive effects of the tonics as an improvement, the number of plasmids that we can take with our character and even the weapons We can improve its power, this means that in order to find 12 improvement stations and have enough ADAM to get everything, we have to use an additional 3 or 4 hours at the time of the main story, reaching 15 or 16 hours.

Audio Diaries

The audio diaries are recordings of those people who witnessed the Rapture, collecting them you get essential information about the plot, these newspapers we must find if we want to complete everything, we have to collect 122 newspapers that will be throughout the city, this can take us 5 hours, taking the time at the end to approximately 21 hours.

We certainly do not have a new game here, but despite the time the history of this has not been affected, it is still able to entertain us for many hours today, while the most recent version of the BioShock 2 arrives, it is good to have the review of the previous events and complete here the whole story regarding our character Jack of the series.

This way we reach the end of our BioShock 2 guide, now we know how long it takes to finish it and we can enjoy it to the fullest.

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