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Guide to learn how to turn off the gas to enter the oven on Beyond a Steel Sky

In this game, right after you find out that the person calling himself Leet is really Jimmy the Thumbs at Beyond a steel sky, his last words are that the real Leet is in the Hellfire Club.

This probably means the oven in the other building where you filled Jimmy's moonlight bottle. You must turn off the oven to investigate what is inside it. So we teach you how to turn off this gas.

How to turn off the gas to enter the oven in Beyond a Steel Sky?

To start you can see that there are no valves inside the building and continue out of the building and go around it until you find some stairs. There is a gas control valve on the side of the building that controls the amount that enters the furnace. However, when you try to interact with the valve, it is rusty and does not rotate.

Follow the ladder to your side and proceed to the cable behind the sign. He is holding a large anchor. Approach and use the blade that Jimmy the Thumbs had planned to use to cut the anchor and make the valve leak gas. Proceed to where the anchor landed, but you must approach the corroded light switch to turn off the lights below the sign.

In that area you should find a broken lamp next to the flowing gas. Put the plastic unicorn from Jimmy the Thumb's desk inside because it contains C4. Go back to the light switch and turn it on to fly over the building.

With this I throw the gas from the oven must have stopped so the investigation can continue.

  Now that you know how to turn off the gas to enter the oven at Beyond a steel sky and disable it to avoid problems and thus continue the course of the story. Luck!

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