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Beat Saber: How to download and play Custom Music

2020-02-17 10:13:59

Today we bring you a Beat Saber guide with the aim of explaining how to download and play custom music in a concrete way.

In Beat Saber it is a musical game on our HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, which allows us to even download and play music, but it is not enough to have access to this option, so many of us want to understand how to download and play custom music To have the answers we will have this explanatory guide from now on.

What should we do before downloading and playing custom music in Beat Saber?

The first thing to do is to prepare Beat Saber so that it can receive custom music, for that we must download and install an open source add-in, Song Loader in Github we can find it and then install it, when downloading the installer, it is important that the game is not running, we extract the content in the game installation folder, it has Beat Saber.exe, we will drag Beat Saber.exe over IPA.exe, in this way a launch patch will be found but we can still start the game normally, In case it is an update we must follow the instructions of Github and now we see how to download and play custom music

How to download and play custom music in Beat Saber?

To add custom music we can enter a site like Beat Saber, completely with its ratings and comments, they are downloaded in Zip files, where the folder brings with it some files with the included music, for its installation we must extract in the CustomSongs, the folder created by The Song Loader addon, once we do this, just by starting the game we will see the new custom music on the playlist, most of these songs will be in difficult or expert difficulties, something that has to be considered.

We have Beat Saber access to find music customization maps, to rate them in the community, sort them by genre and even recommend them to others, with our game options will be well integrated compared to the web, it is important to download Mod Assistant or the Beast Saber BeatDrop2 application, once we download the Mod Assistant, we will execute it and that will be everything, then we automatically look for the installation and in the folder we will accept the terms and conditions about it presented here , now we will click on Mods, we will automatically install the preselected Mods, being the result that when we start again in the game, we will notice that there is a button that will help us to add more music in our main menu, just by clicking here We get new music.

In this way we reach the end of this Beat Saber guide, highlighting that the guidelines here helped us with the answers of how to download and play custom music, thus achieving better entertainment in this incredible game.

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