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With our Battlefield 2042 guide, you will learn more about How to fix error code 15-7A.

What to know about error code 15-7A in Battlefield 2042?

It is one of the many problems that has arisen in the game, despite being present on all platforms it occurs with more force on consoles, the focus of this is to prevent us from accessing the servers, which does not allow us to play, the cause is unknown, but it is worse when the servers are pressured by the number of players, now looking to understand How to fix error code 15-7A let's follow closely the content that will be presented below.

How to fix error code 15-7A in Battlefield 2042?

As we are going through this problem we have to on How to fix error code 15-7A in Battlefield 2042 we can only have some steps that can help us and these are the following:
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    • Check the game server, this because if we see the problem here, we just have to wait for it to be solved to try again.
    • We can use a VPN to use a different location on the server or if we use it we can disconnect it to see what happens.
    • Reboot the device on which we played Battlefield 2042 and try to start it again.
    • It is important to have a stable internet connection, when we are using Wi-Fi it is appropriate to test the cable connection, we restart the router and avoid the use of applications and devices that can destabilize the bandwidth.
    • Give the game administrator privileges.
    • Be sure that the antivirus or firewall are not blocking the game.
    • We deactivate the Crossplay.
    • We verify the integrity of the game files, which leads us to do a restart of our computer and start Steam, we right-click on the game in the library choosing properties to do it in terms of How to repair error code 15-7A.
    • We wait for the process to complete.
    • If we are using Origin, what we will do is enter the game and give repair.

    In case we do not achieve anything, we can contact the EA to request support, something we can do on their website or on Twitter @EAHelp, hoping that we can return to normal gaming.

    In this way we end our Battlefield 2042 guide, now you know how to fix error code 15-7A, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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