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Lidia Rozo
2023-02-02 03:14:21

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This blog post will teach you how to tame a Tek Stryder in Ark Survival Evolved.

What is Tek Stryder?

Tek Stryder is a flying mount found in Ark Survival Evolved. The Tek Stryder can be used to travel quickly and carry large amounts of resources. It is also a powerful mount and can be used for combat.

How to tame a Tek Stryder in Ark Survival Evolved?

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Taming a Tek Stryder in Ark Survival Evolved is not a straightforward process. You will need to Hack it using Mutagel and complete a certain number of Genesis Missions. The amount of missions required increases depending on the Tek Stryder’s level.

To begin taming the Tek Stryder, place the Mutagel in the last slot of your Hotbar. Next, land on the Stryder’s back and press your interact key to start the Hacking process. This will create a ring around the Stryder, indicating the area you must remain in to keep hacking.

Once you have initiated the Hack, a mini-game will appear at the bottom of your screen. To complete the Hack, you must line up the green blocks on the solid line. After successfully hacking the Tek Stryder, you’ll need to wait for it to wander before you can hack again.

Keep in mind that the Tek Stryder will become more difficult to hack as its level increases. You will also need to keep an eye out for wild creatures, as the Tek Stryder can easily be killed if you’re not careful.

Taming a Tek Stryder in Ark Survival Evolved is a challenging process, but the rewards can be great. With the correct resources and patience, you can get your own Tek Stryder and make your travels around the Ark much easier. Good luck and happy hunting!

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