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In the next article, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to tame a noglin in Ark Genesis Part 2, so pay close attention.

What is a noglin in Ark Genesis Part 2?

It is a rather rare creature that has been added to the game as part of the new DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved called Genesis Part 2, which a large number of users want to tame, so for you to know how to tame a noglin here we go to help.

How to tame a noglin in Ark Genesis Part 2?

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    Although the process is not as simple as taming a beetle, here we list it for you:

    The first thing you have to do is go to the Rockwell area> create a safe area> catch Noglin> go to the Rockwell area, the most dangerous side of the map, and although it sounds a little encouraging, this is where you can find this creature.

    There is a possibility that these creatures could appear in other places, but the chances of them appearing in these are lower, even so we leave them for you below:

    Across the bridge that connects Eden to Rockwell Zone

    Along the 50 latitude line on the map (most commonly found around 15 longitude)

    Next to the river, where you will have to take care of the plants that are on the edge or they will eat you.

    How to tame a noglin in Ark Genesis Part 2? - Safe area

    As we already mentioned, the area where you can find the Noglin are always full of dangerous creatures. In this sense, the first thing we recommend you do is finish all of them before doing anything. After eliminating all of them, you will have to make sure you keep a safe distance from Noglin himself, or he will not cling to one of your tamers or other creatures in the area to try to do damage.

    To be able to catch this creature, you will have to make sure to equip a harpoon launcher and some net projectiles, with which you can fix the creature to the ground for a minute.

    In case the creature hooks on another and brings problems, we recommend using the weapon to catch the other as well and facilitate the domestication process.

    How to tame a noglin in Ark Genesis Part 2? - Containment unit

    After netting the Noglin, you'll need to build a containment unit around it to keep it trapped if it doesn't use single-player cheat codes to tame it, otherwise it will cling to other creatures and control their minds.

    Make sure the structure is big and spacious enough so that you can add more tame and the Noglin can be tamed faster. But you must bear in mind that the creature will be tamed up to 20 percent for each creature it clings to, so you will need a total of about five mind controls to be able to be tamed 100 percent.

    You must take into account the domesticated can kill each other, so you will have to use those who have the highest health and carry at least six in the inventory in case they become necessary.

    We hope that after reading this guide on how to tame a noglin in Ark Genesis Part 2, you can quickly find and tame this creature.

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