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In Apple Arcade, with its launch of iOS 13 and of course iPad OS, it is necessary that you learn to connect PS4 controller, in this guide we will explain everything about how to do it.

It is very important to update and launch iOS 13 and iPad OS on Apple Arcade, because now connect PS4 controller is extremely easy, likewise with your iPhone or iPad, but of course you must first download and update to iOS 13 or iPad OS, At the moment you have it available on Apple devices.

How to upgrade to iOS 13 or iPad OS in Apple Arcade?

It is very easy to do, you just have to go to settings, then in general, and there you will get the software update option, from this moment your device will automatically get the desired update, it will be the most recent so far, once If you do the above you can make the connection from any bluetooth controller.

How to connect PS4 controller in Apple Arcade?

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The first thing to do to connect the PS4 controller in Apple Arcade, is to turn on bluetooth in PS4 if it has, otherwise it corresponds to the pairing mode, once you also have your iPad or iPhone ready immediately choose your DualShock 4 controller. Since you must already have your PS4 paired, press and hold the share button and the PlayStation button, this must be done for about 5 seconds.

You can tell if your device is paired if you see the light bar blinking, when you see on your iPhone or iPad the phrase wireless controller DUALSHOCK 4, press on that sign and immediately your devices will pair up, this way you have finished to connect PS4 controller  to your iPhone or iPad, from this moment you can play the games you want,

This is all we hope our guide has been very helpful in Apple Arcade, now you know how to connect PS4 controller, do not forget that you must first update the version, then turn on bluetooth on your devices and apply the pairing on your PS4.

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