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Today, we bring you a guide on How to get the throwing knife in Apex Legends.

What to know about the throwing knife in Apex Legends?

  This is something that has been added to the shooting range and LTM, Gun Run, this is featured in the Call of Duty games, now looking to be aware here of How to get the throwing knife in Apex Legends we can orient ourselves with the following content, let's see.

How to get the throwing knife in Apex Legends?

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It is necessary that our team has 25 deaths in Gun Run mode, by achieving 26 deaths we will be the winners in the game, in said death we will get the knife, while at the beginning of the mode we will be manipulating a weapon randomly, when killing We will pass a weapon tour to the enemies, on the right of the screen and in the pseudo pause the score, the death and the weapon that we have at that moment are presented.

  We can also use the shooting range and go to the nearby sniper part of the Kraber to find the throwing knife, this weapon is presented to us for a limited time with the arrival of the game's Beast of Prey Collection event, at the end of it the game will be lost. Knife, the duration of the event is until October 4, 2022, which leaves us in a few days to use it and get important points in the event.

  Finally, now that we know how to get the throwing knife in Apex Legends we can continue in such a busy game.

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