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Crashes usually occur regularly in games, so today we will tell you How to fix Apex Legends error code 100.

What is error code 100 in Apex Legends?

  This is an inconvenience that we get in this game and that in reality is not usually new, it has been interfering for some time, so it is necessary to know How to fix error code 100 Apex Legends, this error is usually displayed as a message It says "Cannot complete EA account login", luckily there are some fixes that can run on both PC and consoles, because this error is not usually present on a single platform.

How to fix Apex Legends error code 100 ?

In the case of playing Apex Legends on PC, it is possible to apply some actions to avoid encountering this error and this implies:
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    • We must press Windows I in order to open the command box and proceed to write “ncpa.cpl”.
    • When we see that Network Connections appears, we will right click on the Internet connection and proceed to select Properties to search for the Internet Protocol Version 4 TCP/IPv4.
    • Next, we must take care of selecting the Properties menu that is usually at the bottom on the right side and select Use the following DNS server addresses, in the case of Preferred DNS and in the case of Alternative DNS 8.8. 4.4
    • Next, we click OK in the lower right corner and proceed to restart the PC in order to allow the changes to be executed.


     Knowing How to fix error code 100 Apex Legends not only applies to PC, in the case of consoles it is also necessary to make some corrections, such is the case of PS4 and PS5, only this solution may not be as attractive due to that it is temporary, to execute it we must:

     Go to Configuration and locate Network so that it takes us to Configure Internet connection, then, we will choose the connection that we are using, whatever it is between Wi-Fi or LAN cable to proceed to select Custom and enter a configuration where we will place:


    •  IP address configuration: Automatic
    • DHCP hostname: do not specify
    • DNS Configuration: Manual
    • Primary DNS:
    • Secondary DNS:
    • MTU Setting: Automatic
    • Proxy server: do not use.


     Once we have completed these configurations we must save and close the Apex Legends application, then we will reopen it and that's it.

     In this task to know How to fix error 100 Apex Legends, it is necessary to run a fix also in the case of Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S because the game is also usually available for the platform and the error code is displayed. error, in this case we have a simpler and faster mechanic to execute, we just have to:


    •  Go to Settings to locate Network, this will take us to Advanced Settings and from there we locate DNS Settings where it will be necessary to change.
    • We will place as Primary DNS and as Secondary DNS, we proceed to save the configuration and return to the game.


     Now that you know How to fix Apex Legends error 100, you can take care of executing the solution according to the platform where you are playing and get rid of this annoying problem, try it.

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