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Lidia Rozo
2022-09-23 16:12:36

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Getting crashes is normal in games, let's see How to Fix Apex Legends Code Error Leaf .

What is the Apex Legends error code Leaf ?

This is an inconvenience that we get in this game and that although it is not the only one that we get, it should be noted that previous errors have had solutions that allow us to progress, so it is important to know how to repair the error code Apex Legends Leaf error, this is a problem that usually occurs when jumping into the game and instead of taking us to it we will be sent to the title screen with the error code.

Before going into a solution to know How to Fix Apex Legends Code Error Leaf , it is necessary to leave the explanation that the developer has left about this error on Reddit and it says: “LEAF means that the server has never responded to our connection request, while the code: NET means that we were connected to a server, but it has stopped responding for whatever reason, when the code sheet error is triggered, the whole game is lost, that is, it is a failure that affects everything the player lobby, not just one player”

How to Fix Apex Legends Code Error Leaf ?

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Being an inconvenience that does not allow communication between the game and the internet connection, it is possible to join our friends, in this case we can apply these corrections:


  •   Verify the Internet connection: this makes it necessary to take care of closing and restarting the application, in addition to turning off and unplugging the router, after a few seconds we will turn it on again and that's it.
  • Change server: this is another of the actions to be carried out to solve this error.

  In the event that the fixes have not worked, we must wait, this may take a few minutes until the connection is up or, failing that, take a look at the game's official Twitter page where we will see updated information.

  This is all we know about How to fix Apex Legends Leaf error code, we invite you to apply some of these fixes so you can continue enjoying the game.

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