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2022-01-05 07:33:40

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With this article we will tell you how to fix "Party Not Ready" error in Apex Legends, so you can start this 2022 playing without problems.

What is the Party is not ready error in Apex Legends?

This is an error that prevents users from playing a party, no matter if they play alone or not, and they get the error code 2022 "Party Not Ready" when trying to join a party. The error usually appears after disconnecting from a recent party.

How to fix "Party Not Ready" error in Apex Legends?

To fix this problem the first thing we recommend you do is restart your router.

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You can also check if the game has been whitelisted in Windows Firewall.

Close any processes running in the background that may interfere with the game if you do not need them.

Also try restarting the game completely and then join a lobby and verify.

That's all you need to know about how to fix "Party Not Ready" errorin Apex Legends, so now that we are done, we hope we have been as helpful as possible for you to fix this problem and start a new year in Apex in the best possible way.

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