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Apex Legends: Where to find The New World’s Edge

2020-02-06 17:49:45

Today we bring you a Apex Legends guide where we will explain where to find the advantage of the new world

What is the new world in Apex Legends?

Season 4 brings with it many changes, and one of them is the new world that looks quite different from what we used to know, here we have two important details, because for those who live in the Outlands it is quite bad, on the contrary for us It is excellent, because we can get a considerable amount of interesting places that allow us to realize that knowing where to find the advantage of the new world can make us spend more time in entertaining.

Where to find the advantage of the new world with the harvester in Apex Legends?

Before using the harvester it is important to know what it is. The planetary harvester Hammond Robotics, is a totally new structure that had not been seen before on the Apex Legends maps. This focuses on the quiet places where there are comfortable extensions to land, as this has generated many changes even when it is a risk, which allows us to get a very good reward.

This structure has a fuel tank and many doors, here it is quite easy to hide and put us too, because the centerpiece brings 4 tanks, where the upper levels have two tanks and the lower levels with two others , in addition to an open loot that allows us to make this place a necessary center in Apex Legends.

Where to find the advantage of the new world in the East and West Fragment in Apex Legends?

Capitol City is divided into two parts east and west, as this is due to the devastation being divided into two parts, being the same separated by a ravine, allowing there to be emblematic places, such as the four-level buildings that we can observe in the corner of the southwest, but after the devastation only one building remains in the West Fragment allowing the place to be extremely valuable and is part of one of the ideal locations to land and be able to fight those who have started there.

The fact that this separation has happened allows us to have a place where we can sneak away when things are not going well, because while we walk around here, we can simply be an easy target, because the force of the wind can take us back to the Earth, of course, falling into the ravine is not very good but it is not usually so fatal, the positive here is that this separation can be an incentive for us and we should make the most of it.

Where to find the advantage of the new world in the inspection camp at Apex Legends?

Not all areas in these games have been replaced, at least this did not happen in Survey Camp, which is a new location, a well-located landing site with some resemblance to the firing range, where the gun ponds are, as it It is located exactly west of the refinery and north of Epicentro, with an open loot, where players can prioritize obtaining helmets, shields and a backpack, inside the ponds that are specifically weapons and that these are necessary for these sides, because in the buildings we will have the option of choosing three different weapons, in this installation inside we can get these weapons.

How to change the course of the game in Apex Legends?

Knowing where to find the advantage of the new world implies a series of changes, because as we add locations we can see the changes reflected in the map, considering that the division of the city into two parts is presented as the most feasible, being these links ideal for combat, we also have the opportunity to harvest very close to the factory, in addition, if we want some battles as a ring zone, even if it begins to close it is necessary to be part of the inspection field section that has been added, because map locations are almost always the same, with visible changes in the center of the map being an important task

We conclude our guide on where to find the advantage of the new world and to play in a different way in Apex Legends.

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Respawn Entertainment
Electronic Arts
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February 4, 2019
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