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Apex Legends : How to show your squad your Skydive Emotes

2020-01-27 13:14:25

How to show your squad your skydiving emotes is one of the tasks we do best in Apex Legends

The emotes are part of the status quo, they have been introduced in the second season, giving this game a twist and this makes it more striking, the game itself does not change anything, but if we can perform some skydiving emulations, and this is It mostly happens when we, along with the team, descend from a battle, so that I know how to show your squad your skydiving emoticons, it shows quite nice, being perhaps one of the activities we do best.

How to get skydiving emotes in Apex Legends?

First of all these emotes are not new, they had been previously incorporated into the game, so they should not seem strange to us, but the uses they can give. To know how to show your squad your skydiving emotes, it is necessary to consider how to get them, since these emotes here are an article that can make us spend too much money, because to pass levels and to raise levels before we can get them we will have to involve a lot of money The emotes are simply instruments of fun, so if you have enough money to spare that pleasure to access them, then at the end of the account who we are to say that you do not get involved, it is only your fun and it is valid.

The battle pass in Apex Legends brings some important changes, among which is discovering how to show your squad your skydiving emotes, the truth is that we do not know if they have been incorporated in the fourth season, so while we are here and Se Present us the opportunity to have them with us it is ideal to make the most of them.

How to show your squad your skydiving emotes in Apex Legends?

Here it is good to know from what platform we are fighting, because it is necessary to have some knowledge when handling the controls, the handling of the buttons and the jump emulations, because they can vary from one person to another and will not always be the same . When we fix the game we press X / A / M1, this with the possibility of showing a jump emote, showing us all what we are able to do by means of a mixture between gravity and jets, here it is important to have recently unlocked the parachute emitters Then, we only have to enter the game and choose the legend we want, this is an easy way to know how to show your squad your skydiving emotes and have fun in Apex Legends.

What are the skydiving emotes that we can show our squad in Apex Legends?


Curtain call - Mirage turns around in the air and raising her arms as if standing ovation. Also throws a kiss

Two are needed: In a scene that we are sure comes directly from the fanfiction, Mirage calls a clone of his and rides it like a horse. We promise you are innocent.


Greeting - Bangalore flips in the air and greets a soldier's greeting.

Life line

Peace Out - The lifeline moves in the air and uses both hands to release the peace signal.

Windmill - The lifeline turns and spins its legs quickly in the air, like a windmill.


Hello friends - Pathfinder is still healthy and greets everyone while he flips through the air.

I can fly! - Pathfinder descends to the ground while waving his arms. He is abruptly interrupted by Bloodhound's crow, Artur.


Stoic stance - Bangalore flips and crosses his arms.


Full circle - A difference from most other Skydive emotes, Octane runs so fast that it flips. Almost as if it were a hamster in a hamster wheel.


Grace Fell - Wattson turns around, sticking his arms on the landing and then pushes them to make a swan dive.

Tesla-Copter - Wattson uses his electric pilot to descend during the moments before turning around.


Feel the power - Bangalore flips and raises his arms by the elbow and mocks menacingly.


Crypto currently has no Skydive emote, but we are sure that will change as soon as season 4 occurs.


Front row seat - Gibraltar spins in the air before crossing the legs in the 'sitting' position.

Surf's Up - Gibraltar falls on its shield as if it were a surfboard, making some really skillful movements while doing so.

This is all you need to know about how to show your squad your emotes of skydiving, a fun strategy that is found in Apex Legends and that is well worth enjoying.

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