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Today we made for you an explanatory guide to Apex Legends and our purpose is to tell you how to fix high CPU usage issue

While we play Apex Legends it is possible to get us before the possibility of a high CPU use that can reach 99 percent, which represents a significant percentage, but as everything has a solution in this life, here we are going to show you how to fix high CPU usage issue, Well we present some simple methods but they are highly useful.

How to fix high CPU usage issue starting from the basic methods in Apex Legends?

 One of the details that it is necessary to be clear about is the requirement of CPU and GPU to be able to play Apex Legends, although it is true as soon as it was launched perhaps this went unnoticed, today we can get ourselves before a panorama that indicates other characteristics and just know How to fix high CPU usage issue puts us to work a little, since the idea is to make some graphics adjustments to low, even when we have an Intel i9 processor in addition to RTX 2080 GPUs and that these can be seen as follows :


 It is necessary to go to Settings and from there to video considering that it is present.

  • Full screen as display mode.
  • Consider that the Field of View is 90.
  • Disable V-Sync.
  • Check that the Adaptive Resolution FPS is 0.
  • Get a minimum of agitation sprint wiew.
  • Get Bilinear Texture Filtering.
  • Have No Anti-aliasing.
  • Disable Adaptive Supersampling.
  • Check that it is under the detail of shade from the sun.
  • Check that it is under the detail of the model.
  • Check that the Textures flow budget is marked as None.
  • Get it to lower the coverage of the sun shade.
  • Locate the Impact Marks low.
  • Make the shadow detail of the point disabled.
  • Expect Volumetric Illumination to be disabled.
  • Get it under Ragdolls.
  • Disable dynamic point shadows.
  • Make the quality of the occlusion of the environment disabled.
  • Get it under the detail of the effects.

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    How to fix high CPU usage issue by disabling source overlay on Apex Legends?

    An alternative to be able to play as calmly as possible is by disabling the origin overlay as this simply tends to be the cause of some freezes or simply the falls in some games, Apex Legneds do not escape from it and here we tell you how to do it .


    •  You need to launch Origin and click on the top corner on the left.
    • Then it will be necessary to select application settings by clicking on the Origin-In-Game tab.
    • Then we proceed to deactivate "Activate Origin in the game"
    • Finally we turn off the Windows game mode.


     Games usually do not work perfectly for all users and this is a reason that has brought us here to explain how to fix high CPU usage issue, sometimes it can be delayed a little but do not worry that there is a solution especially if You are one of those who are using Windows 10, because sometimes the configuration turns out to be fairly complex, but here we have a simple explanation.


    •  It will be necessary to write "Game Mode" in the Windows search bar to bring up the game mode settings.
    • Then it is necessary to click on it, deactivate the game mode and proceed to restart the PC.


     In the particular case of Nvidia users and who have the application installed as well as the in-game overlay, it is necessary to turn it off and for this it is necessary to carry out this process.


    •  Launch GeForce Experience and click on the settings icon on the top right side.
    • Then click on General where we look for the overlay option in the game.
    • Finally we disable it and proceed to restart our PC.


     How to fix high CPU usage issue disabling shadows completely in Apex Legends?


     The first thing that needs to be clear at this point is that these are advanced settings and that there are no specific settings that allow us to disable them completely, even though Apex Legends brings some settings related to shadows, for this it will be necessary to edit the configuration file of video and it's done like this:


    •  It will be necessary to open the C drive or system drive and from here we will double-click to open the users folder.
    • Next we proceed to open the saved games folder.
    • Then we open the Respawn folder and open the Apex Legneds folder.
    • We will double click and open the local folder where we will see a file called "videoconfig.txt" and proceed to open it.
    • Then we will look for the line that says "setting.csm_enabled" "1", check the value from 1 to 0, showing "setting.csm_enabled" "0" and save the changes made.
    • We proceed to right-click on the file where we will select properties.
    • Finally we will turn on and mark the read-only option because it is essential because if not, the configuration will return to its site as soon as we start the game.

    How to fix high CPU usage problem by disabling SPPSVC in Apex Legends?

    Some users have encountered a problem related to the Microsoft Software Protection Platform Service and this usually uses too much CPU as well as memory, causing us to have constant problems in the game based on stuttering, it is also necessary to clarify that this method is advanced and it will be necessary to have adequate knowledge since it involves some changes in the Windows registry.

    You need to open Windows Task Manager and verify a process called Microsoft Software Protection Platform Service.

     We must temporarily pause it preventing COD MW 2 stutter and click "End task" but this is only temporary, which will leave us practically nothing so we will opt for something more radical and it is like this:


    •  We will press the Windows R keys on our keyboard.
    • Then we type regedit and press Enter in order to bring up the Windows registry editor.
    • Then we are offered the possibility to view this location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicessppsvc.
    • Then we will see some options on the right side so we will double click on Start to proceed to change the value from 2 to 4 and restart our PC.


     This process described above allows us to disable the protection platform service, but this does not affect other functionalities, for example, it does not make changes to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or customization applications, system wallpaper, as soon as we finish playing everything will return to normal as usual, as they are not permanent adjustments.

     This is all we know so far about how to fix high CPU usage issue, since we definitely propose simple solutions and others not so much, just try to get the one that is easy for you, since enjoying Apex Legends simply deserves it.

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