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There is no game where there are no bugs, let's see How to fix Apex Legends chat not working.

What does it mean to fix Apex Legends chat not working?

Having the ability to find a solution that allows us to communicate, so knowing how to fix Apex Legends chat not working is a necessary task because being in communication usually makes a difference between winning and losing, so looking for a Fixing is usually one of the tasks to which we must give priority and to give you more details about it we have made this guide.

Knowing how to fix the Apex Legends chat that does not work is vital to be able to progress normally and the biggest inconvenience that we get is that there is no precision about what is causing this error, however, it is usually happening regularly since The most recent update was released and worst of all, it affects Xbox Series X / S users more regularly.

It should be noted that until now EA has recognized this error as a "Known Issue", but has not said how long it would take to solve it, however, knowing How to fix Apex Legends chat not working leads us to apply some solutions that tend to serve to some other similar problems and choose to apply them here.

How to fix Apex Legends chat not working?

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    Opting to unplug and plug your headset back in: This is a workable fix that has worked for a fair number of gamers.

    Check the server status:
    this is another of the solutions that can be applied to learn how to fix Apex Legends chat that does not work and we can take a look at the EA page where we will see information related to any possible problem, go to Twitter feed where there is information related to updates and in case it is a problem with the server we must wait.

    Restart the game: it is another of the fixes that usually work and that we can apply without greater complexity.

    Restart the PC or console: this is another solution and it usually works because it offers a kind of refreshment, in the case of the console we must turn it off, unplug it for at least a minute before plugging it back in, this allows us to erase the chace and for Apex Legends to function normally again.

    Verify that the audio configuration is correct: we must check if we have given permission so that the PC can access the microphone or the Xbox can communicate with voice and text, in case of alternative headphones we must verify if these work.

    Check for updates: Sometimes we don't have the most recent updates to the game and this can lead to inconveniences.

    Check the internet connection: this game requires a connection that is stable, sometimes we use wifi and this may not be stable, or there may simply be several devices connected, which makes it more favorable to switch to a cable connection and from this mode enjoy the game are no inconvenience.

    Delete the MAC address on the Xbox:
    this is a fix that usually works for this console and for this we must go to Settings where we will look for Network and then Network Settings, then we look for Advanced, to go to Delete MAC address and to finish we restart the Xbox.

    Uninstall Apex Legends and reinstall it
    : this is the last action to take and is usually applied in the event that none of the previously mentioned options have worked.

     Now that you know how to fix Apex Legends chat not working, it's time to apply some of these solutions and thus continue enjoying Apex Legends.

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