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2020-11-09 08:03:37

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Today we bring you a Apex Legends guide where we will explain how to fix the low FPS of Champion Edition.

What to know about Champion Edition's low FPS at Apex Legends?

With the arrival of this edition of the game on Steam, there have been some errors and failures that are directly related to the low FPS of the main menu, taking into account the result that goes for 100 or more, considering a drop that is presented to 40 or less, which forces us to take into account How to fix the low FPS of Champion Edition and in turn being the purpose of the following content in this guide to help us in this regard, we just have to follow very carefully, let's do it.

How to fix Champion Edition low FPS in Apex Legends?

The solution for the Steam community in the group chat to be shared by some players, having the reason for the error is due to the number of friends you have, as this number is higher we will see how the FPS will be lower, then If there is a reduction in the list of friends, the game will see its FPS increase, it is the only solution that we can follow while the developers present a permanent solution, through the Origin launcher it was possible to play, but with the launch of the game There have been some bugs, which is the same for the developers' launch on a new client.
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The different errors have already been confirmed, so the respective solutions are being sought, certainly this may take weeks, so if we are going through the FPS error we can consider reducing the list of friends as something momentary that will be of great help, it is not the right thing to do but until the error is resolved by the developers it is the only possibility at least.

Finally, now that we know how to fix Champion Edition's low FPS we can move on to Apex Legends.

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