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With our help, you will see that knowing how to fix ‘Update Failed: Network Anomaly’ Error is easier than you thought in Apex Legends Mobile.

What to know about Update Error: Network Anomaly in Apex Legends Mobile?

This problem occurs on both iPhone and Android, we visualize it by noticing the code 154140714, now looking to solve such an annoying error it is important that we are aware of the following details, let's see.

How to Fix ‘Update Failed: Network Anomaly’ Error in Apex Legends Mobile?

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The following must be taken into account to solve this error:

  • Stay tuned for crash details via the in-game Twitter to stay up to date.
  • Check if there are game updates because they are quite frequent for multiplayer, so paying attention to social networks is appropriate.
  • We will be aware of the problems through what is indicated by other users on Twitter.
  • Have a stable and constant internet.
  • Use a wireless connection for the use of 4G or 5G Wi-Fi, being closer to the router to a greater extent.
  • There are no devices consuming bandwidth that can affect the game with delays, as they are all connected to the same internet.
  • Using another kind of connection such as mobile data instead of Wi-Fi or the opposite, this can help us solve the situation, ideally having our internet connection unlimited.

We hope that the information detailed here on how to fix the update error: network anomaly has been very useful for your return to normality in Apex Legends Mobile.

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