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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Nook Miles Guide

2020-02-11 08:05:31

We bring you a Corner miles guide so you can fly freely in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

What is Animal Crossing New Horizons?

It is simply a version where we will have some interesting activities to do, where we will work with Nook Inc, with a well-defined objective and is to create some tools that serve us for our companions who are on the island, based on the amount of tasks that There are scattered around here, because despite the fact that the place is simply a desert island, our job here is to make it a much more pleasant place, we invite you to take a look at this Guide of corner miles, because there are many interesting things to discover until now.

What is corner miles in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Before we can talk about the details of the Guide of miles corner it is important to know exactly what they are, because this is basically the accumulation of airline miles, there we are offered the possibility to meet many friendships, because we can make use of our Nookphone with the objective of verifying the progress achieved, and that is that accumulating those miles will only depend on the amount of activities that we can execute because the crafts or gardening are two important activities on these sides and we cannot waste them.

What is the list of corner miles in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

In this Guide of miles corner we detail some things, since there is still a way to go, but at least we have enough material that could be used to develop and be able to progress significantly because we can start with something within the launch cover and this is important :

Comehierbas - Nook Inc: to achieve this it is necessary to pluck 50 weeds, as weeding weeds offers a reward and this greets us for our beautification efforts.

Social Islander: This activity also offers us a reward with Nook thousands according to the number of times we can greet the residents throughout the day, because, the objective of this trade here is the union of all the islanders, so We see this Guide for miles corner becomes quite interesting.

Sell ​​300 Nook thousands for the first time: with this activity we get some additional bells, because we have the opportunity to sell some things that we simply don't need anymore.

Master of the Lance: the objective of this activity in Animal Crossing New Horizons is simply to catch a considerable amount of fish in a single row, preventing anyone from escaping, so we will get as a reward a few miles, that if we must be careful when launching the line because it will depend on our reward.

Nook Phone Life: and ideal to get used to this tool, it is necessary to cover some needs of the island and enjoy some corner miles, the use will be constant.

DIY tools: it is necessary to earn miles to get a number of tools, because of the good treatment we have we are given the possibility of getting 5 seal that are necessary to complete and in this way take off the stinger, so it is only a matter of manufacturing how much our tools just break us.

Do it yourself: doing all the activities for ourselves is essential, because with this we manage to earn a considerable amount in miles that we cannot waste, and obviously everything we learn will serve us at a certain moment in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

This is the list of the activities that we still have pending and that we still place in this Guide of miles corner, because as we do them we will give more details.

  • Catching perfection.
  • Buyer for the first time.
  • Outdoor decorator
  • Screen choice.
  • Miles from the tree house.
  • Ninten thousands.
  • You have the bug.

How to complete and how many miles to earn in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

The amount of corner miles we earn is given according to the challenges completed in Animal Crossing New Horizons, because even if some do not necessarily require completion alone, because they require some DIY tools, it is ideal to complete them, to see what challenges they can get available we need to go to the Nook section thousands of our Nook Phone, because for every 5 tools you get a stamp and there are a total of 5 stamps to get. The challenges can be developed passively, the completed challenges have some variations, although most usually give us 300 miles, some can offer us better rewards, which means more time and therefore can be much more complex.

Why are Nordic miles in Aminal Crossing New Horizons necessary?

In this Guide of corner miles it is important to be clear that the Nordic miles are those used in this game, only we can not spend them on absolutely everything, it should be noted that the Meow Tickets that were used in New Leaf, we can spend them on a machine Unique vending machine with the aim of acquiring some camping items, as these tickets work very similar to the Nook thousands, as they can be used in the acquisition of certain recipes and certain necessary items while we move through this game.

Where can I spend corner miles on Animal Crossing New Horizons?

The first of all is to get it and once we have them with us, after having made some effort, finally comes the time to spend them only that here we must be cautious about exactly what we will need, because most likely we can spend them on the Vending machine, because in reality it is where we usually spend considerable time, in one way or another, we still cannot affirm that it is completely there, since there is still enough road to travel and this is only a Guide of miles corner to the that there are still many details to be done, because we are informing about the details about what we have been able to verify with just the pre-launch, in short there is still much to discover but little by little we can decipher it.

The Guide of miles corner is not yet completely complete, but with this information posted here is an excellent breakthrough, with which you can defend yourself at first, we hope to have everything resolved promptly so that by launching Animal Crossing New Horizons you can have fun in a big way.

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