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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-07-07 17:09:44

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Guide to learn how to get bamboo grass in Animal Crossing New Horizons

  The popular Nintendo game has been mixed up with the new summer update where you now have the chance to dive and find new things underwater. But because of this, many have forgotten that ... we have something else in ours! It is the Tanabata season in Japan, also known as the Festival of Stars, a celebration of the meeting of the Orihime and Hikoboshi deities.
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Due to this, a new commemorative article has been brought to the holiday and it is nothing more and nothing less than bamboo herbs. This special article allows you to interact with it for a special surprise, making you be able to read a piece of tanzaku, one of the colorful pieces of paper hanging from the bamboo. These special papers are traditionally filled with wishes and placed on a bamboo stalk during Tanabata.

For this and much more we will teach you how to obtain this special article.

How to get bamboo grass in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

This task is one of the easiest you can do. To participate in the Tanabata celebration, go to your Nook Stop terminal inside the Resident Services building on your island.

Then go to the Nook Shopping tab and the Seasonal Items tab to purchase the aforementioned bamboo grass for 3,080 Bells.

With this done, you will receive your bamboo grass in the mailbox and you can make a wish.

 Now that you know how to get bamboo grass in Animal Crossing New Horizons you can have another special article that is not what it seems to be able to interact with it in multiple ways. Enjoy it!

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March 20, 2020
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