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Everything you need to know about the new game available on Nintendo Switch: Adam's Venture

 Origins launched digitally, it is now available on Nintendo Switch today. The physical launch was postponed to a later date due to the current COVID-19 crisis. The adventure game has already been released on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Steam®. In the course of their adventures, players will find themselves crossing the world as they solve a series of mysteries and puzzles.

Everything you need to know about Adam's Venture

This game is based on 1925 when the protagonist of the game known as Adam and his partner named Evelyn find a strange contraption with mysterious symbols. Which leads to the beginning of a routine excavation now becomes a race to discover the secret of Eden.

The adventurous spirits of Adam and Evelyn guide you on a journey to discover the location of the four rivers mentioned in the Book of Genesis. While climbing and swinging in adventurous environments, players must avoid the evil plans of the evil Clairvaux Corporation.
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Together with your partner Evelyn, you will have the opportunity to explore ancient ruins and solve ingenious puzzles to find mysterious places. As you travel to unique places, and as we've already mentioned before, Clairvaux's company will be your enemy in this adventure, whose intentions to explore artifacts could unleash chaos around the world.

With all this exposed, you will see that you will have many things to do in the game such as:

  • Delve into ancient ruins and recover mysterious artifacts
  • Try to solve ingenious and creative puzzles on your journey
  • Drive through forgotten tombs and ruined cities using the grappling hook

And be Participate in a rich history that weaves adventure with historical connotations

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