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Sometimes it is highly likely to get us with YouTube problems, so today we talk about how to fix YouTube not working

The normality for a huge number of people around the world is to view the YouTube videos because a lot of things are hanging there, which includes music, gastronomy, news, tutorials, in short, too much information and there is the possibility that we can get stuck requiring knowing how to fix YouTube not working, because although it is highly recognizable that Google has been making an enormous effort to keep the video platform fully operational, it is likely to be possible due to the possibility that it may fall due to the amount of existing data contained.

YouTube is an extremely large platform because every minute that passes it is possible to post at least 400 hours of content that will be viewed by miles of millions of users around the world. It should be noted that when this fall the platform it is possible to give us a @view on Twitter through @ TeamYouTube we are indicated if this fall, or at, so they are the specialized sites for these details, so This may give us an indication of the drawback, although knowing how to fix YouTube not working easily, we opted for other solutions.

Regular use of YouTube allows us to observe when it may be crashing and knowing how to fix YouTube not working may be a matter of our smartphone, our PC or possibly the connection as well as internal details that do not extend beyond the platform that could be out of order.

How to fix YouTube not working on our device?

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    It is normal to constantly get inconvenienced and this implies whether to locate ourselves on the device or the PC, since these options are viable for watching YouTube videos, in the particular case of our device it is necessary to consider that these devices with applications and are in some cases can lead to some failures, for this it is possible to opt for the restart and we can do it this way.

    • It is necessary to hold down the power button of our device.
    • Press the restart option that we can see on our screen.
    • Then we proceed to play a YouTube video once the device has turned on.
    • It is necessary to make some configurations on our phone involving the date and time, for this it is necessary.
    • Open the configuration menu of our device and proceed to press on the date and time.
    • The ideal is to place them that these can be automatic so that we activate this function.

    The YouTube app update.

    On some occasions it is necessary to resort to updating said application and for this it is necessary to open the Google Play Store application.

    Proceed to press My applications and games.

    Finally touch the update button that is near the YouTube application, it may be that there is an update available and you do not have the account.

    Cache and app data can be cleared.

    It is possible that we should choose to clear the cache and the data of the application, since knowing how to fix YouTube not working leads us to try options for it is required.

    • Open the configuration menu of our device.
    • Then we proceed to touch Applications there we will select YouTube.
    • Finally we select the Storage option and procedure to tap on Clear data / Clear cache.
    • Check the internet connection.

    Internet connection can become a complex problem and is a crucial reason to have problems, so it is necessary to review it because it is directly related to our goal of knowing how to fix YouTube not working, it is necessary to verify what is really connected and this is It can be done in the configuration menu either by the phone's data network or simply via WiFi.

    If for some reason our device does not usually have WiFi, it is a time to consider.
    • Open the configuration menu of our device.
    • Continue through WiFi or that of our operator.
    • Open the YouTube application on our device and play a video.

    The possibility of updating the operating system.

    • For this it is necessary to open the configuration menu of our device.
    • Proceed to find and touch System Updates and this can be located in the folder above the phone.
    • Finally choose to download and install the update that may be available.

    How to fix YouTube not working on our PC?

    As in our device we can find some details that often enter our daily development on the YouTube platform, the good thing is that there are several alternatives to respond to this problem.

    Check the internet connection.

    • This is done quite easily, because it is necessary to visit another website to verify that we are connected.
    • If we are not, it is time to connect.
    • Restarting the router may have a problem.

    Activate JavaScript.

    • It is possible that it is not active and this can cause failures, for this click on the 3-dot icon in the upper corner on the right side of the browser and select Settings.
    • Then click on advanced at the bottom where we select Site settings in Privacy and security.
    • Finally we will click on JavaScript in order to enable Allowed.

    Updating Chrome as a fundamental option.

    • For this update it is necessary to click on the icon of the 3 dots that is located on the right side in the upper corner of the browser.
    • Next we will have to select Help and proceed to choose About Google Chrome.
    • Then we click on install and follow the instructions offered here.

    The issue of extensions as well as clearing cache and cookies.

     Knowing how to fix YouTube not working simply allows us to try a series of interesting options, extensions on the one hand turn out to be an option to check and this is done in this way.

    •  We must go to the icon of the 3 points that are located in the upper corner on the right side of the browser.
    • Click on More tools and then on Extensions.
    • At this point it is necessary to disable or delete the extensions and the problem is solved.

    The particular issue of clearing cache and cookies.

    •  It is required to go to the icon that is located in the top corner of our browser and is shown as 3 dots.
    • Then we will click on More tools in order to Clear browsing data.
    • Here we proceed to choose the option All the time and proceed to delete browsing data.

     This is all we can give you at the moment about how to fix YouTube not working, since obviously there are several options and some have to help you to enjoy again all the content that YouTube brings to everyone.

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