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While some games don’t possess the features to be hosted on an esports platform, there are others that are ideal for esports audiences. For instance, hugely popular products, such as Call of Duty, have always felt at home in a competitive gaming environment. These types of games are chaotic, entertaining, they require a great deal of skill, and they enable players to go up against each other in an all-action match-up.

PC products are generally the favoured option for many aspiring esports gamers, although console products are also in high demand. With an Xbox being the console of choice for so many, the amount of esports Xbox gamers has grown as a result. As such, fans of the console have been able to follow all of the memorable moments as they unfold, while also having the opportunity of placing a bet through online bookmakers that offer esports betting, alongside having the option of debating issues around specific competitions on Twitter, watching the action on live streaming platforms, and following their favourite professional players on popular video sharing options like YouTube. Essentially, the esports category of gaming has never been in such a healthy position. It will only continue to grow, too. But what are the most appealing esports titles available to play on Xbox? Let’s take a look below.


A legendary Xbox product in its own right, Halo’s competitive sci-fi shooting proposition makes it ideal for a number of competitive esports events. The likes of OpTic Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming have registered a great deal of success over the years, with large sums of money being paid out. Even if you aren’t a professional esports gamer yourself, you can compete in a variety of leagues and ladders, too.


Although PUBG is hugely popular away from the esports sphere, it’s perhaps mainly associated with it. Given its strong dose of fun and a serious supply of anarchy, the game is ideal for viewing audiences. On the whole, it’s a much-loved product for gamers around the globe. PUBG will almost certainly always be a popular esport.

Call of Duty

Perhaps one of the most famous games ever created, Call of Duty is also booming in the world of esports. The first-person shooter has gone from strength to strength since first appearing on console machines in 2003, with professional players able to compete in a variety of versions of the game. Call of Duty is one the more lucrative esports titles too, with the likes of Crimsix and Clayster becoming millionaires thanks to a number of impressive victories in the game.

Gears of War

Although competitive Gears of War gaming appears to be coming to an end, there is no denying just how much entertainment the title has provided in the esports category of gaming. A much-loved release thanks to its epic offering of fast-paced gameplay and the occasional serving of chaotic deliciousness, the game has always been perfect for esports. While it will be missed from the competitive scene, it’s still well worth trying out for yourself if you haven’t done so already.


Sports games are typically suited to esports gaming rather beautifully. The likes of Rocket League has a dedicated and loyal audience behind it, but nothing really comes close to FIFA. From up and coming teams like Hashtag United to professional clubs in the real world having a side, such as Manchester City Esports, it’s an Xbox title that is perfect for esports productions on a large scale. With teams containing skilful stars, and talented individuals competing against each other, FIFA always makes for an exciting watch.

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