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Angel Marquez
2021-08-04 15:25:10

Find out How to fix not powering up on in this excellent and explanatory guide of Xbox Series X.

What to know about the problem not igniting in Xbox Series X?

Possibly we are facing this tedious problem, so in order to reach a specific solution we have this guide and its content to solve How to solve the problem does not turn on, let's just see the following content of this guide right now.

How to fix xbox series X not powering up?

In relation to How to fix Xbox Series X not powering, we have the following recommendation from Microsoft:
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A power restart may be necessary to solve the problem, taking into account that the console has an internal power supply, this can happen because it restarts after having gone through a power surge, so to restart it we have to remove it from the mains, we hold the power button for about 10 seconds so that the remaining power comes out, we wait 10 seconds to connect it again and press the front button, if it turns on it means that the power restoration has worked If we go through the same thing, we can do it again, now if it continues the same we must continue to see what else we can do.

Check that the outlet is working correctly, that the Xbox Series X power cable is properly connected, that we are using the correct cable for the region we are in, if we still do not solve the problem, it does not turn on, then It is necessary to repair the console, for this we request the service and repair of devices using our Microsoft account by sending a service order, we can still have a guarantee that is covered by the manufacturer, considering that for some users turning on the console from the button This guide has served them, if so, the problem may be in the power button on the console, which also leads us to contact for repair.

Certainly this problem can occur for different reasons, which are related to problems external to the console, such as the cable we use or the outlet to which we are connected, the hardware problem, power connection, the power button or some components internal causes of the problem, even both the software and the firmware become probable causes, we may have a corrupt file or a bad download of an update, but in short, with the steps mentioned before we do not get anywhere, we must contact Microsoft to better support.

 Knowing How to fix Xbox Series X not powering is interesting, because it can help us to take care of this annoying problem in our Xbox Series X.

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