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Lidia Rozo
2021-11-01 15:50:55

Xbox Series X / S has some drawbacks and this makes it necessary to explain how to Fix Error Getting your game ready.

What is Error Getting your game ready in Xbox Series X / S

This is nothing more than another inconvenience with which we get and that is usually quite annoying, this failure usually occurs when we try to start the games that are usually installed in this sense, knowing how to fix Error Getting your game ready leads us to look for one solution in such a way that we are allowed to enjoy the games without any inconvenience.

How to Fix Error Getting your game ready on Xbox Series X / S?

  Fortunately, there are several actions that can be applied and this implies:
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  • Choose to wait around 5 minutes and check if the game has launched.
  • Choose to close the game and launch it again, only to close it, it is necessary to click on the three horizontal lines and open the menu button to select Exit.


 Restart the Xbox Series X / S and this implies:


  •  Press and hold the Xbox button and then select the Restart console option.
  • Then we wait a few seconds until the console can turn on again.


 Delete and reinstall the game: this is another action that can be applied to know how to solve the error when preparing your game and for this we must:


  •  Select the game.
  • Proceed to press the menu button.
  • Select Manage game and add-ons from the list.
  • Next we must select Uninstall everything and confirm.
  • We return to the home screen to select the disc to reinstall the game.
  • In the particular case of online games, it is necessary to go to My games and applications, then to Complete Library and finally to All my own games.


 Choose to verify that the game is up to date: this is another applicable method that requires:


  •  Go to the home screen.
  • Then select My games and applications.
  • Then we must go to Manage and then select Update.


 Run a factory reset - We are still talking about the methods to fix the error and this involves:


  •  Press the Xbox button and switch the profile and system tab.
  • Then we proceed to select Settings.
  • Next we select Console Information in the System tab.
  • We proceed to Reset the console and then Reset and delete everything.
  • We configure the console one more time and install the game again.


 Now that you know how to solve the error when preparing your game, it is time to apply one of these fixes and thus continue enjoying the Xbox Series X / S

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