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Failures are a consequential matter and Xbox Series X / S is no different, let's see How to fix controller not connecting.

Why is it that the controller does not connect to Xbox Series X / S

This is usually a failure that is related to an update issue and this is called "Dynamic Latenci Input", this can be somewhat confusing, and that is where it is necessary to know How to fix controller not connecting, this because it is an inconvenience that usually occurs on the PC and in the same way on the Xbox Series X / S, although this can be frustrating, it is worth mentioning that there is a solution, and it is not necessary to get involved in this phallus too much.

Knowing how to fix controller not connecting is usually given as a necessary activity to be carried out and that can be solved quite quickly, this problem is related to the issue of wireless connectivity, in such a way that it is usually necessary to have quick and precise answers, allowing us to somehow get to play normally.

How to fix controller not connecting on Xbox Series X / S?

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  • Fortunately there are several actions to apply to solve this failure, in the case of the Xbox Series X / S it is usually necessary to take into account that our remote controller is paired with the console and to corroborate it it is only necessary to press the Pair button, this is usually done on the console and in the command.
  • Another important option to apply to know How to repair the controller does not connect a clear path to our Xbox, considering that the range of the controller is usually between 6 and 9 meters, however, it is good to consider on the one hand that this is it closer than possible in relation to the aforementioned distance, on the other hand, that it is oriented exactly in front of the console.
  • We must avoid that there are objects that can interpose between the remote and the Xbox Series X / S this because it can cause some interference with the signal, this makes us choose to eliminate any object that could interfere and proceed to press and hold the Xbox button for a period of 10 seconds until it can be turned off and then proceed to restart our console.
  • It is usually necessary to check the batteries of the remote controller, for this it will only be enough to take a look at the top corner of the home screen, there we will see the battery indicator and in case of not seeing it it will only be necessary to change the batteries.
  • We continue to provide solutions on How to repair the controller does not connect and this leads us to connect it to the console via USB, this eliminates the wireless connection and usually works perfectly well, if so it means that it will be necessary to update the controller of our Xbox Series X / S, however, if it fails to connect, it will simply need to be replaced.


 How to update the Xbox Series X / S controller

 This is a fairly easy task to perform and for this it is usually necessary:


  •  We press the Xbox button in order to open the guide and locate "Profile and system", there we will select "Settings".
  • Then we look for "Devices and connections" where it is usually necessary to select "Accessories".
  • We will see on the screen of the wireless controller where we select “…”, this in order to check the firmware version and we will see if an update is usually necessary, if so we follow the steps indicated on the screen.
  • Finally, we disconnect the cable and try to connect it wirelessly again.


It is usually necessary to know how to fix controller not connecting to PC and for this it is necessary to take into account:


  •  Check the version of Windows that we are using, because not all of them are usually favorable and this can throw us this controller failure, checking it only requires typing PC in the search bar and then looking in the Windows specifications where it will show us the current edition.
  • In the case of Windows 7 or 8.1 we will see that the drivers are downloaded automatically when connecting the controller via USB, in the case of Windows 10 we can connect via USB, Xbox Wireless or Bluetooth.
  • In this case, if we cannot connect to the PC according to the indications given, it will simply be necessary to take care of replacing the remote.


Now that you know how to repair the controller not connecting, it is time to execute one of these solutions and thus continue enjoying Xbox Series X / S.

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