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Angel Marquez
2021-10-22 17:00:14

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With our World Of Warcraft guide you will learn more about How to fix error WOW51900118.

What to know about the WOW51900118 error in World Of Warcraft?

It is a problem that disconnects us when a message is presented on the screen, occurring at a crucial moment in the game, this may be related to a scheduled maintenance problem and therefore should return to normal when the servers are updated, but we can support ourselves As for How to Fix WOW51900118 Error with the details presented in this guide below, let's see them.

How to fix error WOW51900118 in World Of Warcraft?

As for How to fix the WOW51900118 error in World Of Warcraft we can use a set of indications that can help us and these are the following:
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  • Our internet must be stable and functional, we can check it at speedtest.net or fast.com
  • Check our system to see if there are pending updates, because this causes blocking in some cases with the internet.
  • Check if there is a game update and if there are, download and apply them.
  • Going into the Blizzard forums to let us know about the bug, which is constantly being updated and there may be something important to help us.
  • It is important that processes are not running in the background that affect our access to the network in World Of Warcraft and with the task manager we can close them.
  • Empty our DNS and release and renew our IP.
  • Be up to date with the drivers, verifying the existence of possible updates on the corresponding manufacturer's website.
  • Updates restore default configurations, so if we update or have any pending, it is ideal to be aware of the configuration we have or adjust it according to system requirements.
  • As for How to fix the error WOW51900118, contact the developers, which is through the Blizzard support page or through Twitter.


 We can use how to repair the error WOW51900118 in World Of Warcraft release and renew the IP with DNS Flush, which is a method that allows establishing a connection with the servers and for this the following indications:


  •  In the beginning we write CMD.
  • With the right click of the mouse we choose the command prompt and run as administrator.
  • In the text space we enter ipconfig / reread and press enter, after the prompt presents a confirmation text for the release of the IP we write ipconfig / renew and press enter waiting for the confirmation of the renewal of the IP having a new one.
  • We now write ipconfig / flushdns and hit enter.
  • We exit the command prompt.
  • We disconnected from the network and reconnected later.

 Knowing how to fix the WOW51900118 error is interesting because it can help us get back to normal in our adventure in World Of Warcraft.

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