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Failures are often seen frequently in Windows 10 and this makes it necessary to explain how to Fix Unable to install Origin Code 10.0

What is Origin in Windows 10?

The bugs usually occur in Windows 10 and are usually carriers of not very pleasant news, specifically knowing How to fix Origin Code 10.0 cannot be installed leads us to understand that Origin is usually a simple enough control panel that can add or remove games in a quite easy, in this sense, it is well worth continuing reading because we have simple and favorable solutions for you to get rid of this problem now.

How to Fix Unable to install Origin Code 10.0 on Windows 10?

Verify the server: sometimes there are problems with the servers which make it necessary to take care of checking that they are not down, because in this case they can throw us the failure, and it is precisely there were the question arises about How to solve it, it cannot be installed Origin Code 10.0, for this it is necessary to choose to check the status of the server in Outrage Report or in DownDetector, there we can verify and in case of not being down, this Windows 10 problem may come from our side for which it is essential to execute other solutions.

In case of verifying that the failure of Windows 10 is on our side, it is necessary:

Choose to remove OriginThinSetupInternal.exe:
we continue looking for answers about How to fix Origin Code 10.0 cannot be installed, because sometimes there are files that can affect some programs, for which it is necessary:
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    • Go to the file explorer with the object should be the location of Origin in Windows 10 which is usually located in C: Program Files (x86) Origin.
    • Next, it is necessary to find the root folder in order to locate the OriginThinSetupInternal.exe file
    • Next, it is necessary to right-click on the file and in the same way click on "Delete" from the context menu shown in Windows 10.
    • Once we have eliminated it, it is necessary to right-click on Origin.exe to "Run as administrator" in the menu that appears.
    • Then it is necessary to click on "YES", which allows us to show us that we are missing a file and to regenerate it.
    • We must install it again and in this way we already have an answer to our problem raised on How to solve Origin Code 10.0 cannot be installed.

    Reinstall Origin: this is the last option that we must consider knowing how to fix Origin Code 10.0 cannot be installed, as this leads us to uninstall the version we have of this launcher and take care of installing a more recent version, in certain cases this it may contain some corrupted installation files that make the system shut down, for this process you need:

    • Open the start menu in order to go to "Programs and Features".
    • Then we must scroll through the list of applications in order to locate Origin.
    • Then we right-click on Origin to "Uninstall."
    • It is necessary to follow the steps shown on the screen and then proceed to close the "Programs and Features" tab to proceed to restart our PC.
    • Next we must look for the Origin location to proceed to delete the entire folder that is usually located by default in C: Program Files (x86
    • We proceed to visit the official Origin page and click on the download button that is usually displayed under the Windows icon in such a way that it allows us to get the most recent version.
    • Once we have downloaded the installation file, it is necessary to click on the Origin icon and in this way follow the respective indications that are shown to us.
    • Finally, we start the store and verify that this failure is resolved in Windows 10.

    Deactivate the antivirus:
    This should be an option that is not recommended being executed, and therefore we have placed it last because it is risky, since our PC is open to possible viruses, in which case the antivirus or the Windows firewall are usually blocking problems for games and clients which can be frustrating, however we recommend that you exhaust all the above options before applying.

    Now that you know How to Fix Unable to install Origin Code 10.0, it is possible to apply these tips and in this way continue to enjoy the client in Windows 10.

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