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We welcome you to our Windows 10 guide where we will talk about How to reset factory settings.

What to know about factory reset Windows 10?

For different reasons it is an option that we can follow, be it due to errors, infections, recycling or even the fact of selling it, it is a final resource that in reality when there are many uncontrollable errors that slow the operation of the PC, it can be returned In order to function optimally, we must bear in mind that this system provides us with options for the restoration without losing files, now it is appropriate to consider the different ways to do so, such as restarting keeping the files, eliminating everything, restarting the PC by means of the login and with the option of restarting, then to have details of How to restore the factory values, follow the text below.

How to factory reset Windows 10?

Keeping the files: we will rely on the option to keep my files so that they are not lost in terms of How to restore factory settings, at the end of this process, we are talking about the PC will be like new, what we will do is reconfigure it in a personalized and for this we do the following:

  •  At the beginning we go to the configuration and enter update and security
  • We choose recovery
  • We enter the start option in the restart PC section
  • We choose to save files
  • Then we can choose the form of reinstallation, which goes through the download in the cloud or local reinstallation, if it is the cloud the use of space is up to 4 GB so that the Windows 10 can be downloaded on our PC, while the local allows that she reinstall from herself
  • We choose next and restart

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    What will be presented now is that on our PC it is resolved How to restore factory values, keeping the files that we had before this process, after completing it, we must check for the existence of updates for Windows, this in order to do not miss important things such as patches and drivers, for this you have to do the following:

    •  We choose start to get to the configuration, in update and security we choose Windows Update, which allows us to search if there are updates available, if there are, Windows 10 will download them.
    • With Windows Update you can also update the drivers, for this we enter configuration and security so that it searches for them, making the choice to see optional updates
    • We have to choose the driver for the update and download to install it
    • We reinstall what we had prior to the reset, and we can use the PC normally


     Deleting everything: we have that one of the options to see How to restore factory settings is the option to delete everything, which from our PC ends up eliminating our files, applications, drivers and everything done even in configuration, even the installations from the manufacturer, it is necessary that we do the following:

    •  At the beginning we go to configuration, entering update and security we have the recovery
    • We choose to restart PC
    • We choose to delete everything
    • We make the choice of how to reinstall Windows 10, via the cloud or locally.
    • To delete our files and data, you must choose change of configuration
    • We then give yes to clean data and confirm
    • We choose next
    • We choose to restart


     The login screen: as for How to restore factory settings if the fact of not being able to access Windows on our PC occurs, it is possible to do it on the login screen by doing the following:

    •  We use the Windows key to bring up the login screen
    • When choosing the option to turn on, press the shift key so that it restarts in the lower right part of the screen
    • We choose when the restart is completed troubleshooting on the screen
    • We choose Restart this PC
    • We choose between the options of keeping files, delete everything or factory restore
    • We choose factory restoration, which eliminates everything and reinstalls the Windows 10, going through the deletion of everything to return to its original state, if the restoration option is not available we will delete everything.


     The new start: this option consists of being able to keep our files at the beginning with a new copy of the operating system that does not have the additional software, this will work with the original image that Microsoft provides of Windows 10, then in this case see How to reset the values From the factory the following will be done:

     We enter Windows security to choose performance and device status

    We choose here additional information on recent start, then you have to choose next start for the process to begin, at the end you have to install the applications, in this way our personal data is kept when the system is restored.

     Knowing how to restore factory settings, because it allows us to handle something as important as our operating system with Windows 10.

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